denim: Gap,  dot blouse: Blitz vintage,  sweater & blazer: Anthropologie,  scarf: Camden Passage vintage,  shoes: All Black,  bracelet: NYC boutique,  watch: Michael Kors


Happy Valentine’s Day

Just a little glimpse at the outfit I may wear tonight for a quiet dinner at home. Also time to let you in on a little surprise! Over the past few months I have been in the process of redeveloping this website with the help of a wonderful design team.  When I first began blogging, I envisioned what the website would be if I actually knew how to construct a website, and understood half of the instructions in my handy “WordPress for Dummies” guide book. I had sketches and ideas that filled a yellow legal pad, and I am so thankful for the team that was able to take those ramblings and create something truly remarkable.  I am beyond thrilled with the results and can not wait to share it with you soon!! Thank you for your support and I hope you have a wonderful day with a special someone. xoxo Cheers!

pop of colour

Hello lovelies! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  With Valentine’s Day a mere one day away (eek!) I was feeling a little pre-day festiveness.  Adding a pop of colour in the form of heels to an otherwise basic (and masculine inspired) ensemble is a great way to feminise a look and add a bit of attitude. It is also a way to pay a small homage to the commercially induced romantic day, even if it is not for you, to show the world that your heart is not completely stone….. just a hopeless romantic that appreciates unexpected romantic happenings year round! Cheers!!

denim & turtleneck: Gap,  sweater: J.Crew,  jacket: H&M,  scarf/belt: Charlotte Taylor,  shoes: Primark,  pins & purse: vintage,  lips: Rimmel’s Shocking Pink

snow day!

Hello lovelies! We had our first snow here in London town! My little lady and I got all bundled up for a snow day in the park.  The one saving grace when outfitting yourself for the cold is a great pair of wellies. I can become quite the debbie downer when my feet get wet and cold when trudging around town.  I used to have a classic bright yellow pair that I wore for years before they finally sprang a leak on a rainy day in NYC…. sad day indeed. Wellies in a bright colour, or with interesting details, are a fun way to add some personality to your ensemble and keep you smiling and dry on a rainy, snowy, slushy day. Have a great week!  Cheers!

denim: Paige,  sweater: Anthropologie,  oxford shirt: Gap,  cape: Sunner,  socks: River Island,  wellies: Steve Madden,  hat: old,  gloves: Old Navy

Countryside Soiree

Hello and Happy Friday! I had a wonderful party to attend recently at a Manor House in the English countryside that dates back to the 17th century. It was a bit like stepping back in time and I could briefly pretend that I was pulling up to Pemberley. swoon. Then the laser lights and Cee Lo Green started up and I began playing the air guitar. I had been holding on to this vintage dress that I found when back home in Virginia and thought it would be perfect for the occasion. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!! Cheers!

dress: vintage,  belt: Free People,  necklaces: vintage & J.Crew,  lips: Medieval by Lipstick Queen

keeping up

Happy Friday! When donning your “casual wear” why not try spicing things up a bit by adding in a little shimmer and sparkle. Accessorising with a glitzy belt and pin help to feminise an otherwise standard cargo jacket. A metallic wrap or top layered underneath adds an unexpected contrast to the utilitarian aspect of the jacket. A great print scarf completes the look with just the right touch of whimsy! Perfect for a lazy Saturday brunch and then a bit of wandering through a museum. Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers!

denim: Paige,  jacket: H&M,  metallic wrap top: Zara,  belt: Free People,  scarf: Anthropologie,  pin: vintage Hirst Antiques,  shoes: Sanita,  ring: H&M,  watch: Michael Kors,  shades: ASOS,  lips: Rimmel Shocking Pink  and my little lady Charlie


Guest photographer: Tim Serkes